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Sex Stories - And Aunt Nephew Sweet Promise

Testament stories Adult Sex Tante And Nephew - This incident occurred in mid January 2008 .
That night I went home more nights than usual . Meeting in the office of a prolonged and rambling makes me tired as hell. Sign in to my bedroom , I opened my office followed suit with skirt pulled down and knocked him to the floor with it.

As he walked toward the closet, I unbuttoned my blouse . Right in front of the wardrobe I let my blouse and dropped it to the floor anyway . I opened my closet . For a moment I was picking the clothes I was going to wear . My choice finally fell on the type of thong panties satin yellow color and bra without shoulder straps of the same color .

I tossed panties and bra up my bed . After that , I headed to the bathroom which is located inside my room .

In the bathroom, I opened my underwear and a white bra that I wore the same color since morning . I let it lay on the bathroom floor . I immediately got in the shower stall and shower . Only with a clean bathroom that can repel any kepenatanku day at the office . When soaped my body , I soaped the breast and vagina while. I enjoy the thrill when the second part of my body was touched , even by my own hands . Shortly after the show ended my bath . I was then out of the shower and always reaching for the towel hanging on the back of my bathroom door . With the towel , I dried my body .

Back to the bedroom , I then took the underwear in place on top of the bed and wear . After that , I wore kuhamparkan towel on the chair in my room . I laid myself down on the bed . Part of my body that is not terutup by the bra and panties I was wearing , directly touching the soft sheets of my bed . I decided to take a break .

When just about to fall asleep , I heard the sound of the doorbell . I then got up from my bed and reached for a robe pink satinku hanging behind my bedroom door . As he walked toward the front door , I put on my robe in a hurry . This of course led to the chest was not closed cleanly . My steps cause my panties visible from parts of my robe thigh- length only . I do not care , I just think who it was .

When I opened the door , I saw a boy aged 14 years . He was the son of a neighbor in front of my house . His hand he carried a box . First of all he seemed surprised at my appearance because she could see most bras are not covered by my robe .
" Ryan , what is it , honey ," I asked .
With a little gelalapan he answered ,
" Tante Anu , this is no surrogate of Mama .. "
" What is this ? "I asked.
Handing me the box he was carrying , he said ,
" Just the cake alone . "

I then took the box from his hand and let him go .

" Mama go? " , I asked .
" Out at papa . Just got home a little late perhaps , because like taking care of a party "
" What party ? "
"The celebration of the anniversary of marriage to 25 "
"I see .. "

I then invited him sitting in my family room chair . I then took the water from the kitchen and bring it out .

" It's just in a drink .. "
" Thank you , auntie .. "

I smiled a little , because when I put the water was on the table , I saw that his eyes glanced into my robe , right toward my breasts were covered by my bra . I was secretly planning to tease the child . I then sat down beside him . A moment later , boy was I invited talk. Actually, the child seat is not quiet , but I pretended not to notice it , until one day he said ,
" Anu aunt , great aunt bra ya .. "

I smiled a little . In my heart I cheered . This kid watching .
"Did not your mama good bra ? "I asked.
" Ngak as good as it got Tante "
" Well , never poking her mother ya .. , " I teased .
With a slightly reddish face she said ,
" Not like that right out of the clothesline .. "
"Then just out of her bra instead? Panties ? "
" Panties too "
"Then bagusan where to have a Aunt ? "
I then raised my little robe . My underwear clearly visible by the child . With the added red face , Ryan replied ,
" Got Tante much nicer . Mama had a normal cut . The color is the most white . Got a great aunt once .. "
I smiled and kept asking ,
" Ever see Mama just wear the same bra panties ? "
The boy shook his head ,
"No. .. "
" Want to see if the aunt is wearing ? "

The boy nodded his head . I immediately stood up . Smiling, I removed my robe . Now in front of me wearing only a bra and panties only.

" How ? .. "
" Tante look beautiful . I think Ryan lost her mother deh "
" Hush .. past Ryan lost her mother ? "
"Yes , Auntie .. Tante pretty nice .. "

I sat back down on the couch . This time I was more daring ,

" You never see breasts that are not covered bra ? "
" Ngak ever "
" Want to see ? "

With a flushed face , he gave a small nod . Smiling I unhooked my bra . Once off , my bra kuhamparkan beside the couch . Plastered her breasts . His mouth gaped slightly .

" Tante - betuk really pretty" , just the comments . His eyes continued to fondle both breasts . I added the naughty , then asked ,
"Want Tante nude gentlemen ? "

Testament stories Adult Sex Tante And Nephew He nodded anyway . I removed the panties I was wearing . After that , I opened my legs . Pussy with feathers seen him . Now my whole body freely enjoyed by the children . His eyes incessantly engulfed all parts of my body . Intermittently looks like he can not bear not to touch my body , but because of me there is no response , then he just can not help it.

After a while, I again tried to break the ice with the other chatter . Maybe because my body naked , the boy seemed to respond less . Finally after a while , I'm reminded to immediately go home . I take back panties , bra and my robe and wear it back in front of the boy .
When about to go out the door , the boy said to me ,
"Auntie , thank you yes . Tante really pretty "
I smiled . He passes ,
" Tante Will keep it for the two of us ? "

I nodded with a smile . The boy smiled too . With cheerful steps , he returned to his home . I immediately locked the door and returned to my room . I disrobed my back . Just by wearing a bra and panties , I lay back on the bed .

Events had made ​​me very excited and aroused . I then took the penis of rubber from the drawer of my bed . I opened my bra and my panties and lay back naked onto the bed . Kumasukan my rubber penis into my vagina hole and I moved back and forth . Fulfill your mind with the scene where I expose myself in front of the boy. Finally mounting my soul made ​​me orgasm . After orgasm many times , I seemed to not have the energy to do anything else . With the naked body hung limp and stuck rubber penis in my vagina hole , I slept soundly until morning .

Since that day , my neighbor's son was always at my house when his parents go away . Of course whenever it comes , I always show off the clothes I wear and my naked body . The two times I 've let him see me in the shower. In addition , the child began to dare to borrow my underwear to wear and play . If the visit to my house , he would borrow it and wear it for at my house . When I got home , then she put her clothes back . Of course he was wearing underwear usually used to come home too . Typically returned when the next visit . I thought if I could I want to take the child to wear underwear . Definitely looks sexy and cute .

In addition to masturbate in the room , he admitted that often wear them to school especially during exams , his mind is more dilute . I myself am a bit surprised as well , what if his friends knew he was wearing a bra under her uniform , but it looks like he can work around this .

I'm very happy if it turns out the kid really adore me , especially as he wanted to wear my underwear . I do not feel disgusted with men so, otherwise I actually felt happy .

The child was most like a collection of g - stringku , but I did not allow him to wear , because they're expensive . However I'm afraid that if g - stringku become damaged due to wear it. Of course sleeping gown and robe should not be too . String bikini collection variety of models and colors are most frequently brought home panties and my bra than usual to the office because I wear a string bikini made ​​from durable while I was wearing underwear to the office is not too expensive .

In my heart I secretly hope that someday I have the opportunity to taste it , but I should not be too bold . I just hope one day he will ask me to serve his lust . Usually that feeling will peak when I saw wearing a string bikini . I wish I could breastfeed the child , even without milk , hehehe .. I also want to try his cock which was still without feathers either in the mouth or in the vagina . I 've never tried to minors . Maybe it will be different , yes ?

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